Skålleruds B& B Gård, Hotel is centrally located in Dalsland, with around numerous activities and attractions. You can get a lunch package, so you leave in the morning with a well-stocked backpack.

Swimming, canoeing and fishing in the lake Nären.
150 metres away you will find a beach.
With us you can rent a 3-personal canoe.
In Mellerud (12 km) is an indoor swimming pool .



Cycling in Sweden is a whole experience. The experienced cyclist can make different trips from Skålleruds Gård through the hilly Dalsland. Beautiful roads going along the many lakes and forests, with in short distance even a climb up to 21%.



Hiking in Sweden is hiking in unspoilt nature.

Swedish nature

You must consider, that free hiking in the Swedish forests and nature is not without risks. Often there is no standard signage. So one must navigate themselves in nature and must be in possession of detailed maps. Also include a compass, knife and a bottle with water to the standard equipment. Only in this way you can start the hike on a responsible way.

Skålleruds Gård, is situated between 5 beautiful nature areas and near the route of pilgrimage.


Geo-Caching Skålleruds Gård

Here you will find an overview of more than 50 caches around Skålleruds Gård.

Our coordinates are N 58 ° 46.949, E 012 ° 25.666. Click on the button below to go to the Geo Caching website and get the up-to-date information regarding the caches around Skålleruds Gård. Here you can login and download the caches to your GPS.

However, you are less familiar with Geo Caching than you can rent our GPS. Then we put the Caches for you in the device. So you can very easily get acquainted with Geo Caching.

The tours can be extra exciting by the reasonable chance to meet a moose and to have the feeling, that you somehow from one of the numerous lakes will be monitored by a curious bever. There is also a Travel Bug(TB) with the name Skallerud in the world. The one, that brings back this TB brings to Skålleruds Gård will be treated to coffee with Apple Pie (2 persons)

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2km: Upperud

4km: Håverud

The most visited tourist attraction from the environment is the aqueduct, which is part of the dalslandskanaal. Here you will find also a visitorscentre (dalslandscenter) and the Canal museum. From here you can see the environment also by boat or an old train.

Boat: of


12km: Mellerud

Gnome museum Nordiskatomte Museet

Dlaslands Glashytta

Melleruds Museum

42km: Watching Moose on the Mooseranch Dalsland Mooseranch

68km: Trollhättan With the well-known locks, the SAAB museum and in addition located Science museum.